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Service and

Investing in service to keep your building systems updated and optimized is smart money. Beyond Controls can keep your HVAC and other building technology systems working efficiently through a variety of  service solutions.



  • Full Maintenance Service Agreement

  • Preventive Maintenance Service Agreement

  • Repairs and Replacement

  • System Diagnostics and Optimization

  • Remote Monitoring

  • Man In Attendance Agreement

  • Continued Commissioning

  • System Integration and Updates

  • Tenant Services and Billing

Analytics and Optimization

  • Can be utilized locally using real-time data in an embedded controller for energy optimization, or for data analysis using historical information you’ve already saved, making your staff more effective and your buildings more efficient.

  • Extend Web chart capabilities to visually chart analytical points alerts and algorithms, build dashboards and reports, and save and export views.

  • Fault detection and diagnostics (FDD)

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